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Cool Songs from Cult Bands  ( 60’s & 70’s)

“A wayward soul searching for lost pearls in an ocean of wine, women and song…” FL

Fotheringay (1970) – Winter Winds (Sandy Denny)

Winter winds they do blow cold,
The time of year, it is chosen.
Now the frost and fire,
And now the sea is frozen.

He who sleeps he does not see
The coming of the seasons,
The filling of a dream
Without a time to reason.

When she walks through evil
O’er the paths of broken illusions,
Carefully now she lives,
For she has mended her confusion.

Fotheringay was a short-lived British folk rock group, formed in 1970 by singer Sandy Denny on her departure from Fairport Convention.

The band drew its name from her 1968 composition “Fotheringay” about Fotheringhay Castle, in which Mary, Queen of Scots had been imprisoned. The song originally appeared on the 1969 Fairport Convention album, “What We Did on Our Holidays”, Denny’s first album with that group.

The song is about Mary, Queen of Scots, who after being overthrown by Scottish nobles and forced to abdicate and flee to England for safety, was imprisoned by Elizabeth I for 19 years, and moved from remote estate to estate to prevent assistance reaching her.
After attracting several Catholic plots? to murder Elizabeth and put her (Mary) on the throne, she was eventually tried and found guilty of treason -even though she was not an English subject- and beheaded at Fotheringay Castle.(Robert from Glasgow)

Years active 1970–1971 –  Island Records
styles: British Folk – British Folk-Rock
Folk-Rock – Psychedelic/Garage

Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Gerry Conway
Jerry Donahue
Pat Donaldson

“When Sandy Denny departed Fairport Convention, insisting that she wanted to concentrate upon her own songwriting rather than pursue the band’s exploration of traditional English music, she never meant she also intended abandoning the folk idiom itself. Although all but two of the songs on this, her first post-Fairport project, are indeed original compositions, it is readily apparent that, like former bandmate Richard Thompson, her greatest talents lay distinctly within the same traditions as the poets and balladeers of earlier centuries, while the fact that fully one-half of Fotheringay itself would eventually join Fairport illustrates the care that went into the band’s formation. Even the group’s name resonates — “Fotheringay” was also one of Denny’s best-loved Fairport songs. Listening to the album, too, one can see and hear the mothership all over the show, from the tight dynamics of “The Sea” to the simple beauty of “Winter Winds” and on to the showpiece “Banks of the Nile,” a Napoleonic Wars-era ballad set firmly in the storytelling mold of “A Sailor’s Life,” “Tam Linn,” and the post-Denny Fairport’s own “Bonnie Bunch of Roses.” The presence of producer Joe Boyd and guest vocalist Linda Peters complete the sense of a family affair”. Dave Thompson

Fotheringay – Fotheringay (1970)

1-Nothing More (Sandy Denny)

2-The Sea (Sandy Denny)

3-The Ballad of Ned Kelly (Trevor Lucas)

“Such is Life”  Ned (Mick Jagger)

4-Winter Winds (Sandy Denny)

5-Peace in the End (Sandy Denny / Trevor Lucas)

6-The Way I Feel (Gordon Lightfoot)

7-The Pond and the Stream (Sandy Denny)

8-Too Much of Nothing (Bob Dylan)

9-Banks of the Nile (Traditional)

10-Two Last Weeks in Summer (Dave Cousins)

11- Gypsy Davey (Traditional)

“…Go away from me, Lady, Go away from me! There’s not a man in all Strathdon Shall married be with me, with me, married be with me. Go fetch me a horse, And fetch it like a man, And send me back to my mother A maiden as I came, I came A maiden as? I came.” Lovely Sandy (lady sonja)

Sandy Denny – Peace in the End

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) with Sandy Denny