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The Wizard – Black Sabbath vs Uriah Heep

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Same Title, Different Song

I  poor
II  average
III  good
IV  very good
V  excellent

The Wizard – Black Sabbath
Album: Black Sabbath – 1970

Musicanship: III

Vocals: III

Emotions: III

Lyrics: II

Some Words:

“Evil power disappears
Demons worry when the wizard is near
He turns tears into joy
Everyone s happy when the wizard walks by”

Outstanding instrument: harmonica

Groovie – fresh – catchy

Final Score: XI

The Wizard – Uriah Heep
Album: Demons & Wizards – 1972

Musicanship: III

Vocals: IIII

Emotions: IIII

Lyrics: V

Outstanding words:

“Why don’t we listen to the voices in our hearts
’cause then I know we’d find that we’re not so far apart.
Everybody’s got to be happy. Everyone should sing,
for we know the joy of life, the peace that love can bring”.

Outstanding instruments: voices – acustic guitar

Epic – Dreamy – Beautiful

Final Score: XVI


And…Today’s winner is: URIAH HEEP