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Cool Songs from Cult Bands (60’s & 70’s)

Welcome to the Garden of Earthly Delights: “You’ve lost your last hold on your flimsy mind…”

Clean Innocent Fun (Arzachel)

I’ll be on my way, he said, as the knife quivered in his eye
I let down my heavy head, the screaming wall began to cry
You’ve lost your last hold on your flimsy mind, you know you’ve done it now
I turned my head and looked behind at the blood welling from his brow

The harlot slowly crossed her legs, vanished into a drowning child
Forty rows of angry spikes, each one through a squiggling limb
The glass faces of the frigid mares, dragged and sheltered in the wind
The cold draught brought the stench of pus, the boil bubbled on his flesh

The grey mist wafted in, undulating, shrouded all
I was walking up the endless steps, oozing bubbles from the cracks
Blazing Betelgeuse lit the way for me, laser heat transmit my soul
The pressure force forced me on to the long knife at the end

They wave rocked by brain, crashing smashing it all wrong
Lighthouse beam cross the black waste, split the black till it was dawn
My mind returned to that stale room, panic took hold of his brain
Slowly, slowly it died away… would I ever be the same ?

Uriel was an English psychedelic/blues band formed in 1968, consisting of:

Steve Hillage (guitar/vocals) – pseudonym: Simon Sasparella
Dave Stewart (organ) – pseudonym: Sam Lee-Uff
Clive Brooks (drums) – pseudonym: Basil Dowling
Mont Campbell (bass/vocals) – pseudonym: Njerogi Gategaka

The band produced their sole album under the name Arzachel in June 1969.

The album Arzachel was recorded and mixed in a single session in London.

The ‘A’ side has four songs:

1″Garden of Earthly Delights” (Arzachel) – 2:45
2.”Azathoth” (Arzachel) – 4:21
3.”Queen St. Gang” (K. Mansfield) – 4:25
4.”Leg” (Arzachel) – 5:40

while the ‘B’ side consists of only two mind-bending psychedelic tracks, the longer of which is a 17-minute jam entitled ‘Metempsychosis’.

5.”Clean Innocent Fun” (Arzachel) – 10:23
6.”Metempsychosis” (Arzachel) – 16:38

It was issued on the short-lived Evolution label (also home to the debut by Raw Material) and quickly became a collectors’ item. A pirate version is thought to have circulated in the late 1970s, and it has been much bootlegged in more recent years. It was eventually released on CD by Demon Records in 1994.

Steve Hillage

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(1977) Motivation Radio

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(1983) For To Next / And Not Or

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